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Recent Press Roundup

It’s been a busy quarter for us here at Theory and Principle! We’ve had a lot of nice mentions in press recently, so we’re sharing some of those here.

The most controversial press comes from our friend Bob Ambrogi, who wrote an expose on the use of White Comfy Chairs at conferences, and outed our CEO, Nicole Bradick, for wearing the same dress at two conferences in the same week.


In Legaltech, 2018 Could Be A Banner Year for the Big White Comfy Chair

More substantively, Bradick was recognized by LegalTech News as a “Legal Tech Mover,” although it inaccurately states that this is her first foray into the tech startup scene when, in fact, this is her third company.  She apparently has not learned her lesson.

The National Jurist published an interview with Bradick that covers legal tech and design.  She also discussed the genesis for Theory and Principle:

“I started Theory and Principle because I felt like legal technology had finally hit a tipping point where a shop like mine could really make an impact.  The number of organizations in the legal space (law firms, legal aid organizations, legal tech companies, corporate legal departments, etc.) that are building or are interested in building tech is certainly on the rise, and we have an opportunity with good design to make those products more impactful and successful.”

Courtroom 5, a startup working on providing pro se litigants with help navigating the court system, wrote an article about Bradick as well (we know, we know, too much!) that covered issues regarding self-represented litigants.

Phew, that’s it for now.

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