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Bradick featured as a “Woman Leading the Legal Tech Sector”

Our CEO, Nicole Bradick, was in great company along with 12 other women internationally who are innovating in the legal space. The article, Women Leading the Legal Tech Sector , appeared on The Technolawgist, a blog dedicated to legal technology. The article included a brief interview with Bradick:

Why Legal Tech?

I moved into legal innovation and technology by accident.  I was dissatisfied practicing law, so I started looking for other exciting jobs in the space. I live in a smaller market, so I wasn’t really finding anything.  That constraint led me to start my first company, which offered high end labor arbitrage to law firms.  Moving into the legal innovation space, I quickly started to see all of the opportunities for technology to help solve some of the stickiest problems in the industry.  I was very quickly sold on this work and am now on my third company in this space. 

Biggest success in Legal Tech?

My biggest success really has nothing to do with legal technology, but instead it’s the team I have been lucky enough to build to work in this space.  I have the brightest, funniest, hardest working team, and I love that the legal industry gets to benefits from their collectively massive amount of expertise. 

What are the challenges of Legal Tech?

Early on, the biggest challenge was just getting taken seriously.  It took years in the trenches proving myself in order to gain the respect I was hoping for at the outset.  With entrepreneurial maturity comes confidence in your company and its offering, as well as a complete evaporation of any imposter syndrome. When selling to large law firms, coming from a position of confidence and a solid record certainly helps. 


Check out the article to see interviews with other great women in legal tech!


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