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UK’s Law Society Gazette covers T&P’s market strategy

In an article outlining strategies of various legal tech companies in light of a rapidly expanding legal technology market, Joanna Goodman interview Nicole Bradick on how Theory and Principle maintains its place as market leader:

What of the pioneers operating in an increasingly crowded market? Nicole Bradick is founder and CEO of Theory and Principle, a US startup that builds digital products for law firms and legal departments. ‘When we launched, we were the only product design and development shop with an exclusive focus on legal,’ she says. ‘Since then, we’ve seen others pivot to legal, as well as new shops popping up.’

Bradick’s strategy to remain as market leader has forced her business to pivot. ‘We’ve diversified our client base between “Big Law”, non-profit and legal tech, and as prospective clients started to bring development functions in-house, we adjusted our offerings to support them,’ she says. But she does not see the new legal engineering and design firms as direct competition. ‘We are a full-service product agency focusing on UX/UI (user experience/user interface), whereas they are more about service design. They represent partnership opportunities for us, not competition,’ she adds.

You can read the full article here.

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