September Virtual Law Clinic Release – Timekeeping, Case Management Integration, Client Chat, and More

Virtual Law Clinic,, a legal pro bono management, training and collaboration platform developed by Theory and Principle, has pushed a product update that includeslawyer timekeeping, an integration with legal aid case management system Legal Server, the ability to chat with clients via SMS, the ability to bulk import matters, and the ability to export closed matters. 

These features are focused on the two major goals of the platform:  1. To reduce administrative burden on pro bono coordinators at law firms and non-profits organizations, and 2. To make it easier for lawyers to provide pro bono legal services.   

For pro bono coordinators and administrators, these Legal Server integration and bulk import features will make it considerably easier for them to move matters into VLC from whatever case management system they currently use.  The timekeeping and export closed matter features will create ease in reporting.  

For pro bono lawyers, text message is often the best way to communicate with clients, but using their personal cell phones is not ideal.  This new feature will allow lawyers to text from a number owned by the organization, and will maintain records of all text communications. 

Virtual Law Clinic is on a mission to streamline pro bono and increase lawyer participation. These new features move the needle considerably in furtherance of that effort. 

August Map Engine Release – Map Sets, Custom Branding and New Maps!

Map Engine,, a product of Theory and Principle, now includes the ability to add custom branding, create sets of maps to tell different data stories, and two new maps: North America and United States District Courts. 

Law firms often use Map Engine on public- or client-facing sites.  As a result, custom branding had been the top feature requested from Map Engine users. This feature will be available to Enterprise users who will have the option to add branding to any map. 

Maps are used to tell stories, and often those stories can’t be told with a single map, but rather a series of maps is needed. The Map Sets feature now allows Enterprise users to create a visualization that bundles more than one map together to show, for example, differences in a particular area of law across several regions, or different nuances of an area of law within one region.  

The addition of the North America map now allows Map Engine users to create Map Sets of full global surveys if they like.  To that end, Map Engine is running a promotion through August to allow users to purchase all global regions (North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa/Middle East, and Asia and Pacific) for a discounted rate.  The United States District Court map is the beginning of Map Engine’s move toward more granular map offerings based on user requests.

These feature additions reflect continued investment into Map Engine as its user base continues to grow.   

Latest Release: Map Engine goes global!

In the largest release since the product launched in April of 2021, Map Engine now includes all global regions: US 50 states, Canada, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Africa & Middle East. Map Engine is a powerful data visualization tool and this expansion of the map infrastructure allows clients to visualize regulatory and legislative differences across all borders.

Anthem Awards 2022, Legal Tune Up Awarded Two Silver Medals

Legal Tune Up, a product that provides access to public information to Wisconsinites via an online portal, was awarded two silver medals from the Anthem Awards. The Anthem Awards “celebrate purpose and mission-driven work from people, companies and  organizations world wide.” It is an honor and a privilege to receive the recognition with our partners LIFT Wisconsin. The two silver medals awarded were: Responsible Technology – Innovation and Responsible Technology – Partnership or Collaboration.

LawNext Podcast: Why UI and UX Matter in Legal Tech Adoption

The latest episode of the LawNext podcast, hosted by Bob Ambroji, features Nicole Bradick, CEO of and Theory and Principle, and Andy Wishart, CPO of Agiloft.  Tune in to hear Nicole and Andy discuss the importance of user experience in legal tech adoption and share some of the many facets that made up their collaborative effort on Agiloft’s UI redesign that is underway.

Click Here to Listen

Map Engine in the Press

After many months of hard work, collaboration, and diligence with our wonderful beta testers – Map Engine is live and running like the machine it is! Our good friend and fellow tech-loving attorney, Bob Ambrogi, shares his views on Map Engine and the efficiencies it will bring to law firms around the world. Read Bob’s latest here.

Map Engine was also featured in Artificial Lawyer; Map Engine Visually Charts the Legal World. This article provides an overview of the inner workings of this ground-breaking web-based application and the potential for scaling globally.

Map Engine was launched in April of 2021. Official Press Release: Map Engine April 2021 Press Release.docx

Podcast: Launch of Map Engine and Life as a Startup Founder

Listen in to Nicole Bradick, Theory and Principle CEO, and Ryan McClead, Principle at Sente Advisors, discuss their collaboration on the  development of Map Engine and share a bit about what life is like as a startup founder. ICYMI, Map Engine is a visualization tool that brings powerful data to life by displaying users’ specific insights via the custom interface. Check out the podcast here.

Video: CEO, Nicole Bradick as a guest on Litera’s Future Law Bootcamp

Nicole Bradick is a guest with Joe Borstein on Litera’s “Future Law Bootcamp” YouTube series. Listen in to hear how Nicole turned her legal career as a court attorney into a CEO running a successful custom legal tech agency. Throughout the episode Nicole provides an overview of the steps taken along the way to develop products with a vast range of clients, meeting the unique needs each partner brings to the table. Click below for the full conversation!


T&P announces Beta launch of Map Engine in partnership with Sente Advisors

At the January 28, 2021 SKILLS conference hosted by Simpson Thacher, Theory and Principle, along with their partner Sente Advisors, announced the beta launch of Map Engine.

Map Engine is a tool that easily allows users to upload a spreadsheet containing 50 state survey data and instantly generates a beautiful map visualization. The user is provided both a link to a unique URL to share and a code snippet to embed the map into an iFrame on their sites, depending on preference. 

A preview of the application as well as a demo video can be viewed at

You can review all of the recordings from the SKILLS conference, including the announcement of MapeEngine,  here.

Coverage of T&P’s Virtual Justice Tech and Design Gathering

Media Strategist (and former Editor -in-Chief of the ABA Journal), Molly McDonough, covered T&P’s first Justice Tech and Design Gathering.  She noted:

“The bridging of the civic and justice tech communities is an idea worth replicating, again and again. In just one seating, I witnessed sharing that will likely save one entity enormous time and effort with their project. When someone else has already done the research or has lessons learned on a similar issue, it’s ideal to learn from them rather than start from scratch.”

This was precisely our goal for the event, and we look forward to hosting more in the future.  To read Molly’s full review of the event, check it out on her blog.  

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