T&P’s Bradick quoted in paper for the United Nations Human Rights Council

G3ict, an advocacy initiative created by the United Nations to support digital inclusivity, submitted a paper this week on improving access to justice for persons with disabilities through technology. The paper included eight recommendations for courts and justice systems around the world to leverage technology to better serve persons with disabilities. The paper quoted Theory and Principle CEO Nicole Bradick:

Nicole Bradick, CEO of the legal technology development firm Theory and Principle asserts in an interview with Legal Tech News (February 5, 2018) that technology needs to play a more prominent role in promoting greater access to justice. She states, “The legal community has been at this mission for a while now, and the latest numbers indicate that 86 percent of civil legal issues facing low-income Americans receive no meaningful legal help. And that’s just civil issues. Technology has the obvious advantage of scaling knowledge and information to people who need it.” G3ict believes persons with disabilities can be among the greatest beneficiaries of the effective and inclusive use of technology in justice systems.

This paper will  be submitted to and discussed by the UN’s Human Rights Council in Geneva this week.


You can read the full paper on the G3ict site. 


T&P CEO Interviewed for LegalTech news

In an interview that covered issues ranging from the build versus buy decision in legal tech to the importance of technology in expanding access to justice, Bradick spoke to LegalTech news about the launch of Theory and Principle. During the interview, Bradick noted:

“The benefit of a niche focus is that, with each product we design and build, we gain a deeper and deeper understanding of lawyers and consumers of legal help as users of technology.”

You can read the whole interview at law.com.

T&P Launch Covered in ABA Journal

The ABA Journal, a publication of the American Bar Association, today covered the news of the launch of Theory and Principle.  The article can be found here. The article quoted T&P CEO Nicole Bradick:

“There’s a lot of interest in custom, bespoke client and customer facing technology,” Bradick says.

“I think it says a lot about the maturity of legal technology that a niche company like this can even exist.”

We’ve been grateful for the overwhelming support from the legal community and look forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead to use technology to solve some of the most pressing issues facing the legal industry.

Theory and Principle Officially Launches

We’ve officially launched! We can’t wait to work with you.



Theory and Principle, a legal technology design and development firm, announces its launch today. The company is founded by legal technology veteran Nicole Bradick, who will serve as CEO.  

Bradick, a former lawyer, is launching Theory and Principle after leaving her position as a partner with legal innovation firm CuroLegal at the end of 2017.  While at CuroLegal, Bradick led the product development team that built a number of highly acclaimed digital products like Hate Crime Help (www.hatecrimehelp.com), Veterans Legal Checkup (www.veteranslegalcheckup.com), ABA Blueprint (www.abablueprint.com) and LawHUB (www.mylawhub.nysba.org).  

Based in Portland, Maine, Theory and Principle is the only software development firm focused exclusively on building custom legal technology.  As the legal industry’s interest in technology increases as a way to improve efficiency, find new ways to deliver legal services, create access to justice for consumers, and more, Theory and Principle is poised to be the premiere provider of strategy, design and development services to this market globally.

“Our team’s mission is to continue to evolve the global legal market and systems of law and justice through technology,” said Bradick.  “We are focused on bringing our clients’ visions to life and creating effortless digital experiences,” said Bradick.  

Theory and Principle is a 100% women-owned enterprise.

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