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Fixed Fee Prototyping

Idea to Prototype in as little as 2 days

For a typical product discovery engagement, we spend about 4–8 weeks (and sometimes more) getting a product from idea (or problem) to tested prototype, depending on the issue. This leaves time to really understand the problem we are trying to solve and ideate and test several solutions.

For a lot of our projects, however, something more lightweight is in order. For law firms, we’re often working with heads of innovation who need to get to a prototype to sell to the partnership before taking it to their clients for validation. For non-profits, an early prototype is often required to justify additional funding. To address this need, we are offering the following services:

Basic Prototype

A basic prototype with truncated discovery
$5,000 1 Week
  • Remote 1/2 day workshop to ideate solutions + sketch ideas
  • Mid-Fidelity Clickable Prototype

Hi-Fi Prototype

A high-fidelity prototype with truncated discovery
$7,500 2 Weeks
  • Remote 1/2 day workshop to ideate solutions+sketch ideas
  • "Look and feel" development to define a design style
  • High-Fidelity Clickable Prototype

Brief Discovery Workshop

Better Inform Prototyping
$1,500 2 Hour Session
  • 2 Hour work session with strategy team to help uncover the most important problems your users are facing

How it Works

Our proprietary rapid prototyping process leverages best practices we have derived from years of building digital products in the legal industry. Our team brings a real depth of expertise in user experience and user interface design to help your rapidly ideate and deploy a valuable prototype.

Remote Prototypes

In a 2-3 hour session, we will work remotely with your team to understand your goals, the goals for the product, and your vision of how the product will be used by the end user. During the session, we will sketch out a high-level flow of the product, which we will refine and digitize after. For high fidelity prototypes, we will also work through look and feel and apply styles to the prototype for a more realistic experience.

Remote Discovery Workshop

Before you develop any product, you want to have a deep understanding of your user’s problems. This optional remote workshop is to help us better understand your user’s needs, wants and circumstances to better inform prototyping. This does not replace true user research, but allows us to get closer to the user for a more realistic prototype.

What’s the Value of a Prototype?

Our goal is not to get you to a prototype that your team (or ours) will jump into building right away. Rather, our goal is to get you to a prototype that encapsulates one potential solution, based on the ideation and input of a multi-disciplinary team, to an identified problem. We will document our assumptions and make a testing plan for you to carry forward, with our without our assistance.

This prototype will then be used post-workshop to test/validate with users and/or to pitch the idea to internal stakeholders or funders. The clickable prototype will allow you and your stakeholders/users to work through the main states of an application to get a real life sense of the product’s core functionality and value.

“I’ve had the chance to work personally with Nicole and her team on a high-value project. They brought to the table deep expertise and talent in the design and development of legal tools. Anyone in the legal industry exploring ways to innovate and looking to develop custom software applications should be talking to them.”

—Mark Chandler, General Counsel, Cisco

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