About Us

Our mission is to advance the legal industry through smart design and seamless digital experiences.

Our Story

We are the premier product design and development firm for the legal industry. Our designers, developers, strategists, and product managers have deep knowledge in both legal technology and the possibilities of emerging technologies. Together, we’ve built some of the most highly acclaimed digital product in the legal industry in recent years, and are proud to be 100% woman-owned.

Theory and Principle has been engaged by clients globally to improve the delivery of legal services, the justice system, lawyer efficiency, legal education, and access to justice for all.  We work with clients who are moved to innovate and build to create a better system.

We are an Agile development shop with a design-first approach to technology.

CEO and Founder

Nicole Bradick

CEO and founder Nicole Bradick is a former litigator turned three-time legal technology entrepreneur.  Nicole is the leading industry expert in legal technology product design and development.  You can often find her doing talks on this topic (as well as belting out Britney Spears tunes at karaoke) on stages around the world.  She has been the driving force behind some of the most ambitious digital products in the legal industry and is definitely not afraid to tell you if your product’s design is awful.

Nicole provides product strategy and vision for all products designed and developed at Theory and Principle. 

What’s in a Product Team?

We believe in using high-functioning multi-disciplinary teams to produce beautifully designed, high quality products. Here are some of the types of professionals you’ll find when you work with the T&P team.

Project Managers

Project management is critical in any product build to make sure your work is delivered on-time and on-budget.  Our project managers work to translate your requirements for the technical team and make sure the project always stays on course.

Back End Developers

You don’t see their work, but it provides the backbone for all of the products we build.  Whether it’s creating API integrations, manipulating data, or working on complex algorithms, our back end developers are there to make sure things just work.

Front End Developers

Great design is only as good as the developer that implements it. Our team includes senior front end developers specializing in React and other modern frameworks who are there to help make the design come to life through code.

Quality Assurance Engineers

Rigorous quality assurance testing ensures that your product is free from critical bugs, accessible to all users, and usable on all required devices and browsers.  Our QA engineers conduct thorough testing throughout the development cycle to be sure that your product is ready for release.


We’re on a mission to bring good design to the legal industry. Our designers have deep expertise in user experience and user interface design. They are your partners in bringing your ideas to life and creating the best experience for your users.

You, the client!

Last but most certainly not least, you are an important part of our cross-functional team. Clients are almost always the expert in the subject matter of the project, and it’s with your guidance that we prioritize project components, interpret user feedback during testing, and eventually arrive at a solution.

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