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Partner with us to bring your SaaS product idea to market

Theory and Principle is the most prolific designer and developer of technology products in the legal industry.  Through T&P Studio, we make our team and our expertise available to you under a range of joint venture arrangements.  

If you or your organization have an idea for a product but don’t have:

  • the team or
  • the funding or
  • the desire to own, market, sell or maintain a product long-term, or
  • all of the above,

then your idea could be a good fit for the T&P Studio.

Every Studio arrangement is unique. Here are some examples.

A law firm wants a product to exist but has no interest in the burdens of ownership.  The law firm contributes time and some financial support for the initial build, but T&P own all IP and brings the product to market.
A consultancy has an idea for a product but no development team. The consultancy agree to a revenue share in exchange for a division of product and go-to-market duties
A startup has a product idea but only modest funding.  The startup pays a vastly discount rate, but T&P retains equity in the startup in exchange for the development of the MVP or V1 of the product.
A law firm wants to release branded products to market, but do not want the capital investment involved in building a tech subsidiary.  T&P and the firm agree to a revenue share model in exchange for T&P's product development and a shared sales and marketing commitment.

Some Things you Might be Wondering.

Sale Support

Do you have post-launch sales support?

Yes, depending on the arrangement we can handle sales for the product we create for you.

Competing products

Will you have competing products in the studio?

No -- we want to have a suite of solutions that we can cross-promote to our existing clients.

Venture Studio

Are you a venture studio?

No. We can make some helpful introductions, but we are not set up to provide you with any capital for your project.


Are you an accelerator?

Nope, not that either. We don't provide any formal education, but we'll make plenty of introductions and help you with your go-to-market approach based on our years of experience in the industry

Our Products

To date, we have released two SaaS products to market through our Studio model: Virtual Law Clinic and Map Engine. Both products solve problems that had no elegant solution in the market, and both problems were brought to us by partners who were interested in working together on a solution. We are excited to showcase these solutions as our anchor products, both of which are seeing commercial success in the market.

Virtual Law Clinic

Pro Bono Management and Collaboration

Virtual Law Clinic is a centralized hub to manage pro bono matters, create training materials, and collaborate with inside and outside attorneys in representing pro bono clients. Increase your impact with streamlined pro bono management and multi-organizational collaboration on pro bono matters.

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Map Engine

Create beautiful maps from multi-jurisdictional data

Map Engine makes it extremely easy for lawyers, knowledge management, or innovation professionals to represent data on clean and clear interactive maps with little training, no coding, and no waiting.

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Interested in starting a project together?

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