Custom Product Design and Development

You bring the idea, we make it real

As a full-service agency, we take your project from idea to execution

While every project is unique in its needs, most end-to-end software project follow a similar path that begins with discovery, journeys through design and development and results in the launch of a beautiful, modern product. Our process is not prescriptive, but the tools we pull from throughout the course of your engagement have been developed over years of building dozens of legal technology solutions. You can follow the typical journey below.

custom product
How we do it

Discovery Workshops

We begin every engagement with one or more discovery workshops to fully understand the problem we are trying to solve and the users we are trying to solve them for.

Bring your knowledge and creativity, you will be heavily engaged in these sessions!

User Research

We will work with you to develop a user research plan that is appropriate based on your type of project and the phase your product is in. This may include interviewing users for validation testing, testing with prototypes for MVP definition, usability testing, and more.


Based on project needs, there are often moments where it will be useful for T&P to distill our research and learnings into key insights in order to apply our findings to product strategy.

We will provide these in the form of a report and presentation to your team.


User Flows/IA

Once we have a good sense of the users and the problems we are solving for, we will often then move into sketching out concepts for how a user (or multiple users) might flow through a product at a high level to get to to product's value offering. We will also at this early stage want to create a structure for content, also called the Information Architecture.

User Experience Design

With the scaffolding in place, we can start to fill in the details. Working in a design file, we will create wireframes, which are digital outlines of each page of the application. This allows us to really drill into what the user will be able to do at each stage of your product. You will be able to click through the design file at this phase.

User Interface Design

Now the really fun part -- styles! If you have come to us with styles, we can apply those to create hi-fi design comps. If not, we will go through a moodboarding phase where we will provide you with a survey to understand the look and feel you want for this product. We will offer you several mood options which contain concepts for colors, fonts, imagery, etc. From there, we will apply styles to your wireframes to get you to hi-fidelity, clickable designs.


Software Development

As designs are being finalized, we then move into development cycles. Your product manager will finalize requirements and work with developers to translate the designs into a live product, showing your progress every two weeks.

We build on a modern Javascript stack, with Node on the server and React on the front end. Our software products have passed the strictest law firm security scrutiny.

Quality Assurance Testing

During your engagement, you will work with a Quality Assurance Engineer to create a QA Test Plan. This will lay out what browsers and devices we will test on, as well as what accessibility standards you are aiming for.

A QA engineer will review all development work against those requirements as well as the requirements as defined by the product manager before the code is deployed.

Launch Prep and Post-Launch

Once your product is ready for launch, we will help you with all go-live tasks, making sure you don't miss a thing.

We can also be available to support you for post-launch maintenance to make any adjustments to the product as you onboard users and learn new things about the way people engage with your product.