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Colorado Resource Network

Helping Colorado Seniors get Legal Help


Under a Justice for All grant from the National Center for State Courts, our clients wished to pilot a triage system for the state of Colorado. The aim was to begin with a resource for seniors that would be easily scalable to broader audiences.

The Product

The product has a very fluid, intuitive, short form that users need to fill out to get results regarding a particular legal issue they are facing. The product prioritizes accessibility and has a font size toggle on the landing page. Once a user has entered some basic information, they are taken to a results screen where

they can view a number of available resources, as well as receive information about the resource’s hours, contact information, etc. The product also includes a basic administrative space for the client to manage referral partner information.

“Colorado’s Justice for All implementation project was designed to offer a simple yet effective way for older Coloradans and their caregivers to access to local and statewide resources. We searched for a product developer that would embrace our vision and design a triage portal that serves and reflects our communities. Theory and Principle has not just been our developer…they became part of our team. Their staff amplified our vision and designed a product that draws the user in and connects them to resources that enhance their access to justice..”‍
–Emy Lopez, Colorado Resource Network
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How did we get there?

This project was a pilot for a greater statewide triage product.  For this initial release, we were focused exclusively on creating a product for senior citizens.  As a result, we began with a careful review of accessibility requirements and working towards creating designs that were familiar, comfortable, and relatable for our users.

Following the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, we updated the application to have broader applicability, expanding the available content and resources, as well as updating imagery to appeal to a wider audience.