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Legal Aid At Work

Guiding California Workers to Help


Legal Aid at Work (LAAW) is an organization that supports workers in California through direct legal services. Although Legal Aid at Work has over 100 resources to aid workers in understanding their rights, it was difficult to locate resources on their site. They reached out to Theory & Principle to create a tool that would guide their clients the appropriate resources for their employment-related legal questions.

The Product

For this project, Theory and Principle designed and built a guided help navigator and also provided design services on portions of the main site. 

The guided help navigator asks users to identify their employment issue by answering four questions.  Each question offers preset answer options from which users can select, which filters the available options for the next question, to give the user a personalized experience to their needs. After the user has answered all four questions, the guided help navigator presents relevant fact sheets, guides, sample letters, clinics, videos, and helpful websites. 

The guided help navigator is accessible to users with disabilities and is available in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

“Theory & Principle created an elegant solution that made the complicated task of finding the right employment law resource for non-lawyers seem easy. They have excellent design, coding, and project management skills. I cannot recommend them highly enough!”
-Kevin Clune, Vice President, Strategy
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How did we get there?

We kicked off the project with Legal Aid at Work with a workshop where our team learned about the needs and pain points of the existing LAAW website, then conducted user interviews with LAAW staff members and provided a report of findings from those interviews.  We referred to the user interviews findings and existing site analytics when we created wireframes for the main site home page, self-help library, and the guided help navigator. Our design team updated the Legal Aid at Work style guide and applied styles to wireframes to create high-fidelity mockups. Our product manager worked closely with the Legal Aid at Work team to define the triage architecture and organize resources into results for all possible selections. Then  Theory and Principle performed a UX/UI audit on a few pages of the Legal Aid at Work main site and our development team built the guided help navigator. Theory and Principle conducted usability testing interviews with participants that Legal Aid at Work gathered, and delivered a report of findings and recommended updates to improve the user experience. We updated the navigator  based usability testing recommendations and LAAW employee feedback. 

Legal Aid at Work launched their guided help navigator on 11 April with the relaunch of their main site.