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Guiding defense attorneys through padilla obligations


MyPadilla is a non-profit tech company that is the brainchild of Texas immigration lawyer, Julie Wimmer. The product aims to help criminal defense attorneys meet their Padilla requirements by appropriately advising them on potential immigration consequences of a plea deal or other disposition. MyPadilla came us to build their V1 -- they had already pieced together an MVP through a variety of hackathons and volunteer labor, but now required something more robust.

The Product

We created a new version of myPadilla that allows a criminal lawyer to create an account, save ongoing matters, and easily fill out the information related to a client. Once the information is submitted, the immigration lawyers can log into a dashboard to review the input, create an assessment of the immigration consequences, and upload it directly to the lawyer's dashboard.

“Theory & Principle brought myPadilla to life. They were quick to understand the users, the process, and the problem to be solved. The finished product really met our needs and is helping us fill a crucial access to justice gap in Texas.”‍
–Julie Wimmer, myPadilla
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How did we get there?

Because myPadilla already has an existing, market-tested MVP, the foundation for the project was well-set. We then worked on taking a fairly complex Information Architecture and simplifying it to create logical groupings and reduce the question load for the criminal lawyers. We also broke out part of the question flow that had to be filled out with the client's help, versus things that the lawyer could do on their own.

From there, we created wireframes to solidify the new vision and architecture, and went through a mood boarding exercise in order to determine look and feel. We then designed, built, and launched a beautiful new version of this fantastic product, insuring its new workflow is intuitive for existing application users.