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Tracking regulatory updates


RegUP is the brainchild of the innovation team at AMLaw 100 firm Crowell & Moring.  Looking for ways to increase efficiency and improve the client experience, the idea behind RegUP was to replace the ad hoc emails being sent to clients by attorneys across the firm regarding regulatory updates with a single, user-friendly source of information.

The Product

RegUP is a very robust product that, at its core, delivers timely curated information about regulatory changes in areas like Safety, Privacy and Insurance.  The product has a client-facing interface where a client can view the trackers they are subscribed to, sort, filter, favorite and review regulatory changes that are relevant to them, and indicate to the firm that they would like a customized assessment of a regulation’s applicability to the client company.

In addition, the system also includes administrative and lawyer-facing dashboards that allows the admins to onboard new clients and Crowell & Moring lawyers, and allows the lawyers to create add or edit new regulation entries.

Notably, once the COVID crisis hit, this platform was quickly repurposed as a single source of information about orders across the US and beyond.

“The Theory and Principle team took what started as a mere vision and made it a reality for us. I consider them to be an extension of my practice innovation team at Crowell, investing and caring as deeply about our custom product as we do. The members of the T&P team are highly specialized in their respective areas of expertise yet they work seamlessly as one unified team. One of my greatest priorities when selecting outside vendors and products is the attention that is given to the user experience and design. The entire T&P team prioritizes the need to get this critical piece right. They understand the prospective user and proactively address issues that may otherwise lead to frustration and, ultimately, adoption failure (the dreaded result for folks who are in roles like mine). regUP is practical, clean, user-friendly, and adds immediate value to those who use it. We are proud of our custom regUP platform and so grateful to the T&P team for their partnership.”‍
–Kay Kim, Sr. Director of Practice Innovation, Crowell & Moring LLP
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How did we get there?

We began this project by working with the client to develop a high-fidelity prototype that included our take on styling using the firm’s official color palette. This prototype was validated both internally and externally, and we went forward with building an MVP.

Once the MVP launched, there was a lot of client and internal interest in the product and we were able to receive valuable feedback. As a result, we worked with the client to iterate on the client-facing portion of the application, and also built a robust custom administrative and lawyer dashboard to accommodate the very customized needs of the firm and its clients.